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Over our 13 years in business, we’ve witnessed an evolution in the commercial communications and security industries as technologies have evolved from analog to digital.

What does this change mean for business owners, facility operators and developers of all sizes? Over the next twelve months, join me in exploring how this evolution has impacted the ways we host meetings, share important information, attract customers, secure our assets/facilities and how we react to emergencies.

Through our real world experience working with business owners, facility managers, and our partnerships with industry leading manufacturers, we’ll do a deep dive into how technology has evolved to enable businesses to operate more efficiently, more securely and to be more competitive in the global marketplace. Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll find in the coming months.

The Integrated Meeting Room: From chalkboards to digital displays, the meeting room has evolved into a digital environment with both on-site and remote participants collaborating on digital content. Learn what matters most in this new meeting room environment.

Displays: Size does Matter: Picking the right technology for your board or meeting room display isn’t as simple as picking up the latest door crasher TV. Learn how to get the right system for your particular needs.

The Digital Storefront: Whether you operate a small café, retail store or college campus you need to know how to harness this budget friendly tool. Get immersed in this consumer focused technology.

SMART Building Technology: Communication infrastructure is now at the core of every building. Learn how smart companies are integrating HVAC, Security, AV, Fire, Mass Notification, Telecommunications, Internet, Energy and Lighting Systems into one single system while saving time & money.

From Keys to Cards to Cardless: Regardless of the size of your business, knowing who’s in and out of your facility and managing access within your buildings is critical. Learn the do’s and don’ts of effective facility and asset security.

Distributed Audio Systems – Sound for All: Hotels, community centres, schools, convention centres, malls and stores have always used audio as a key communication method. Learn what’s new and upcoming in the world of networked audio communication.

The Evolution of CCTV – Analog to IP: The transition to HD digital video has changed the landscape for those looking for CCTV security systems. Learn from the experts as we examine how and when video can be integrated into your business.

Situational Awareness and Mass Notification: Increasing levels of threats to public safety means we all need a better understanding of what’s happening in our facilities and how to react in an emergency. Learn more about the tools available to keep your facility safe.

Managing your Technology, the FUSION Experience: Technology forms the basis of many of our operations. Learn how using a core platform to integrate all your various systems is key for ensuring minimal downtime and effective use of key technologies.

We hope this journey into technology trends with industry leading manufacturers, gives you some insight into how to improve your business or organization. Each month we’ll provide a free tool or process to help you make the most of our articles.

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