Evolution of CCTV: Analog to IP

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This month I sat down with Darren Parker from Pelco to learn more about recent advancements in CCTV technologies. Pelco by Schneider Electric understands that information is critical to success, which is why they are singularly focused on the development of video surveillance and security solutions that provide you the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions.

The Evolution of CCTV

The video security business is no different than other technology based products in that the industry has seen significant change and advancement during the past 10 years. Analog systems were traditionally stable with little ongoing development. The advent of the mega-pixel camera and IP based VMS’ (video management systems) provided improvements to picture quality, functionality, integration across multiple platforms, and more.

What has changed?

IP video security systems have moved from analog technology and VCR recording to complex IP based systems that require extensive knowledge of your company’s network infrastructure as well as the IP security system itself. In short, these are powerful computers that have brought the same types of advancement as any other computer based product.


Integration has been one of the most notable benefits of an IP based platform. A VMS can now be integrated with your access control platform, intrusion system and even your fire retardant systems. This integration allows cameras to synchronize with other systems for recording, investigative and monitoring – making it easier to accurately paint a picture within your facility as events happen.

Mega-pixel Cameras

The Mega-pixel camera has truly been a game changer. The technology that’s within your cameras today allow them to automatically adjust to varying light conditions, handle a wider range of operating conditions and do it with a clarity never imagined before. Pelco by Schneider-Electric for example has a technology called Surevision 2.0 that allows features such as anti-bloom, low light, noise reduction and WDR to all operate simultaneously. The result is a superior image in varying conditions with little to no operator adjustments required.


Analytics is another one of those game changing features made possible by an IP based solution. Imagine a camera that has facial recognition, can detect license plates AND scan a database within the VMS to create an alert? How about the ability to automatically detect if someone is loitering in a desired area? Or count people based on the direction they are walking? These are just some of the analytics available from most camera and VMS manufactures – and for a surprisingly low cost.

Multi-sensor cameras

Multi-sensor cameras are the most recent major development in the industry. While these cameras have been available for several years, it’s only recently that companies have improved on the technology to a point where they are the largest growth category in the industry.

These cameras often have 3 or 4 lens’ in one housing – and use software to “stitch” the images into a viewable product. Pelco by Schneider-Electric actually does this stitching in an on-board processor in the camera, which allows a seamless image in supported VMS’, including on-board analytics and their Surevision 2.0 technology

What does this mean for your business?

With advancements in technology and market penetration, an IP based video security platform can fully manage your building, assembly line, production facility, office locations, parking lot and more. It can integrate your access control, work with lighting systems and use analytics to manage storage and other systems.

In addition, this technology has never been more affordable. While camera security systems used to be big money, today you can actually get it for less and benefit more, even on small deployments.

To learn more about Pelco by Schneider-Electric’s security solutions or to see which products are right for you please visit www.pelco.com/solutions