Fibre Splicing & Testing

Precision and Proficiency

Proficient and reliable splicing of fibre optic cabling requires a highly trained group of team members. As one of the largest, and most experienced fibre optic construction companies in Canada, VistaCare Communications has access to a large team of fibre splicers, each with all required equipment and training, and can leverage many more through our excellent partnerships with trusted subcontractors.

Based on our proven capabilities and extensive experience, VistaCare crews have traveled across North America to provide much needed expertise in large scale fibre rollouts. With an excellent safety management program and dedicated teams, VistaCare Communications can manage or support virtually any fibre optic project. In a single project our team performed millions of splices on route to a successful rollout.

fibre splicing and testing

Highly experienced fibre optic splicing for all types of systems, including:

  • Single mode and multi-mode fusion splicing
  • Single mode and multi-mode mechanical connectors
  • OTDR testing, troubleshooting and documentation
  • Optical power meter testing
  • Large outside plant (OSP) rebuilds
  • Small private network backbones
  • Head end builds and renovations
  • Outside plant and private network restorations
  • FTTH network builds
  • DWDM testing & commissioning
  • Loose tube to ribbon & ribbon to loose tube splicing
  • Specialty fibres (Sub-sea, optical power ground wire OPGW)
  • Premise splicing
  • Live plant cut-overs
  • Live plant section swings
  • Network audits and verification
  • QA/QC team
  • Emergency restorations

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