Horizontal drilling for telecom and utility installations.

Experts in horizontal directional drilling for infrastructure construction projects.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Experts

VistaCare Underground provides horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services for all different types of applications. Pairing HDD with our outside plant construction capabilities, VistaCare Communications is able to provide turn-key construction builds.

Based out of Brooks, Alberta, we are able to work across North America. VistaCare Underground's fleet of drills vary in size and capabilities which allows us to work on mainline and drops to the premise.

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The right approach for difficult jobs.

Certain projects require a special touch. Our proven experience means that virtually any project can be completed on time and on budget, with a minimum of disruption to existing infrastructure.

  • FTTP projects
  • Waterline projects
  • Road Crossings
  • Gas & Power Line Installations
  • Telecom Installations
  • Pipeline
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Perfect for tough environments.

When considering your next project, you should know the many benefits associated with Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD):

Ease of Installation: The high mobility of our equipment means that installation in tough environments is easier, and we can often get the job done when other approaches are too expensive or just aren't viable.

Flexible Services: We can deliver the conduit and pipelines you need without the need to engage expensive and destructive deep excavations.

Less impact, less cost.

Reduced Costs: An HDD approach normally costs less then traditional trenching or excavation techniques. Our equipment, experience and approach often results in a minimal impact to the surrounding area or infrastructure which also results in reduced restoration costs.

Reduced Impact: Our targeted approach and mobile equipment means that construction projects often have a reduced impact on job sites, especially in public areas or locations with significant existing infrastructure like roads and buildings. This is especially important where the environmental impact is a key consideration.

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